Owonrin osa

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Owonrin osa

These are the universal energies that give birth to all given circumstances and situations, all the blessings and misfortunes of the universe are contained within them. They hold the key to all the blessings and all the misfortunes of life and death.

II II. Ejiogbe — Ode Otun.

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Oyeku Meji — Ode Apa. Iwori Meji — Ilu Igodo. Odi Meji — Ode Eju. Irosun Meji — Ode Idere. Okanran Meji — Ode Itile. Ogunda Meji — Ilu Oko.

owonrin osa

Otura Meji — Ode Ipapo. Irete Meji — Ode Emere. Ose Meji — Ode Ibadan. Ofun Meji Eepa! Thank God, with work like these there is hope that our heritage will not be lost to the western believe and custom.

I recently discovered that my Ifa is ogundabede. Edumare a gbe wa oo. According to your odu ifa ogundabede. Eke ori obo, origidipi awo oro adiaforo won ni korubo tori arun eyin. Won ni okaranle ebo ni komase. Be sure to involve lots of lies in your sayings and you will never be prosecuted, besides, you will become succesful in life fast.

owonrin osa

Ogundabede is odu ifa that works for people who must or is involved in not a legal business. If you have been working in a company you are only wasting your time.

Ogundabede was a thief that was successful in his business. It says that through patience and good character, success will be guaranteed.Disclosure: What follows is my own highly opinionated, intensely felt, not necessarily correct, and perhaps at times alienating view of Odu, and what they mean.

The Osi-Opon is found in the western quadrant of the Opon-Ifa. This represents the world, as it exist outside your immediate surroundings — friends, extended family, neighbors, associates, business colleagues, etc. Being the opposite of Otun-Oponthe Osi-Opon represents death, completion, and the place of transformations.

Th e water element and the setting of the sun represent this quadrant, heralding the closure of the physical and cosmic day. Emotions are also found within this section of the Opon. Kinetic energy returns to its source to be transformed into potential energy once again.

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It is through the gateway of Osi-Opon that this return takes place. Physicality gives way to death. The final transition is made.

The area from the sternum to the pelvis region falls under the auspices of the Osi-Opon. This quadrant deals with the invisible world and governs those things that are obscured from view. The Osi-Opon is represented by the sacred Odu Oyeku. I have said that each quadrant of the Opon-Ifa represents a way to spirit.

The way of the Osi-Opon Odus is the way of love. Love is so powerful an energy that Emmet Fox, the Christian theologian, tells us that with enough love, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be accomplished, no barrier that cannot be broken down, no wall that cannot be scaled, no situation that cannot be reverse. If we look around us in our everyday lives, we see expressions of this all the time. They dramatize a clear example of the power of love in the perfectly true story of a man born with so crippling a disease that he had no control over any part of his body but his left foot.

Eventually and with great difficulty he taught himself to speak, but as a child he seemed mentally defective as well. Here was someone who might have been tossed aside as a total loss, a human being the Spartans would have abandoned on a mountaintop to freeze or starve to death within hours of his birth.

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Yet this person became an accomplished writer and painter. He married and lived as normal a life as the restrictions of his physical body allowed. What freed him? The love of his mother.

It was her refusal to give up on him, her refusal to believe that he was hopeless, her insistence that he be treated with respect, and her patience in the way she spoke to him, even before she believe that he could understand, that ultimately redeemed him. However; the Osi-Opon Odus do not represent love alone.

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They represent emotions in general, negative as well as positive. I am not in favor of hatred. I am not in favor of jealousy. I do not advocate resentment.The individual that sews the seeds of negativity will feast on the bitter harvest of their crops. Owonrin Osa when in Ayewo can signal bad judgment and the risk of jeopardizing the good fortune of this Nation due to this imparted thinking. Owonrin Osa signals a swift reversal of fortune — that which was once good quickly becomes bad.

The exchanges that were potentially beneficial now only serve to distract and confuse. Humility is learned through a swift blow from the hand of the stochastic forces of life.

Lastly, Owonrin Osa portends damages that are incrementally increased by someone running from their problems, rather than facing the source of conflict. Or you might have lost your motivation and no longer feel as committed to the outcome as you did when you started.

Then ask yourself: Is there a deeper reason things have become more challenging? What lesson can I learn here? If that resonates, stop for a moment and think about the things that matter most to you and why you want to achieve this goal. Or will you follow through on your commitment? Before taking action, the home in on the intentions that align with your Higher Self. Or, you can use visualization and meditation to make sure your energy aligns with your goals. These internally focused actions are essential so that when the time comes to act, you will be ready.

If you are someone who likes to have command over your destiny and know where you are heading, take this opportunity to tighten the reins and become more disciplined in what you are doing.

While feeling a loss of power can be quite demoralizing, the key is to look at what you can control and what you cannot.

Osi-Opon Odus

Do not allow yourself to worry about what is out of your grasp as you cannot change it now. Instead, focus your energies on what is in your control. Examine what you can do to improve the situation.

Loosen your grip and let things run their course. Put in the hard work and get the job done, no matter what. Do not let others push you around.

Be disciplined in your search and make sure that any new opportunities align with your expectations and goals. In conversations with a potential employer, take the lead and interview the organization to ensure that they are a company you want to work for.

Career paths may include a general manager, driver, project manager or sports coach. Set a budget and a savings plan and stick to them. You may need to sacrifice a few luxuries, but it will pay off. You have made many sacrifices along the way to meet the needs of others and allow your relationships to develop, but now you have had enough.

You realize the current situation is not sustainable but find it hard to change. Do not compromise on what you want! Even if you are not finding the right relationship now, your determination will lead to the outcome you want. Exercise self-discipline and willpower to stay on track with your spiritual goals.Owonrin from the elision Owo n rin meaning brought by the hands. The solidification of the past lays the foundation for that which is to come. Owonrin Meji is known as the Reversed Head.

It is the potential in every moment to alter the future as an act of will. Ifa theology is not fatalistic. Humans are born with a spectrum of potential that cannot be changed. Within the spectrum, we can make choices affecting the way our potential becomes manifest. Every investment in developing a particular skill requires the sacrifice of some other aspect of personal growth. Included within the panorama of potential futures is the possibility of changing bad luck into good fortune and the possibility of changing good fortune into bad luck.

Either option is influenced by will and determination. Owonrin Meji is the force incarnating great prophets who have the courage to deviate from the past in search of revelation and deeper levels of self-understanding.

This Odu uses the image of seeing your destiny and moving straight towards it without faltering regardless of the unexpected disruption. By preserving the past in Irosun Meji the future becomes possible in Owonrin Meji. Owonrin is a reference to the principle of chaos in the universe. Physics teaches that all seemingly orderly events appear increasing chaotic when viewed up close.

Physics also teaches that seemingly random effects show signs of order when viewed from a distance. The negative aspect of Owonrin is unexpected disruption destroying a weak foundation. The positive aspect of Owonrin is the ability to deal with change and to see things from a new perspective.

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Last Name. Owonrin Meji.Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o, a sin tu ku isimi alayo loni eledumare yio funwa ni isimi to peye emin wa yio si se pupo re lori oke yepe ase.

Ifa naa ki bayi wipe: Owonrin kaara akara kaara a difa fun orunlojo Omo irunmole lojo ti won fe lo fi ile akara se ibugbe won ni ki akara karale ebo ni ki o se nitori ki o baa le gba alejo ti yio so di olokiki ati ologo nile aye, obi meji, agbalagbulu epo pupa, ogo iyo ati igba ewe ayajo ifa akara si kabomora o rubo won si se sise ifa fun, nigbati o maa di ojo Keji seni gbogbo Omo irunmole wo kunnu ile akara ti won bere sini ngbe akara jo ti won ngbe akara yo leyo kookan lati igba naa ni akara ti di eni agbejo agbeyo o si di olokiki, o wa njo o nyo o nyin awo awon awo nyin ifa, ifa nyin eledumare oni nje riru ebo a maa gbeni eru arukesu a maa da ladaju nje ko pe ko jina ifa wa bami ni jebutu ire nje jebutu ire ni a nba awo lese obarisa.

Eyin eniyan mi, mo gbaladura laaro yi wipe eledumare yio ran alejo ti yio sowa di olorire laye siwa loni, gbogbo adawole wa yio maa yori si rere akara yio kawa mo awon olorire eniyanologo ati alalubarika aye, a koni rare nile aye wa o nitori akara ki nrare lagbada aaaseee.

Good morning my people, how was your night? My people, I pray this morning that God will send a visitor that will make us becomes a rich person today, we shall be prosper in all our endeavors, akara will count us among the successful people of the earth and we shall never suffer anymore because akara do not suffered inside a frying pan amen. English Version: Good morning my people, how was your night? One comment. Ifanola August 14, at am.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Necessary.That is why it is important to feed Iyami regularly. In the Odu Ifa Osa Meji Ifa explains to us what happened between the Iyami and human beings: when humans eniyan and birds eye came to earth Aye from the sky Orun they made the sacred promise they will never kill each other.

Humans decided to break the promise and started to kill the birds and eat them. Sometimes it is advised by Ifa or Orisa divination for a person to gift Iyami with Ipese but it is also good for a person to do it without divination. Sango is the god of thunder, lightning, electricity, justice, strength. His power is unimaginable: he is the one who leads to victory over the enemies, he is strong, energetic, he hates immorality, he hates cowards and hates deception.

Sango is strategy, manipulation, courage, pure virility. Its shrine is usually settled of a very big mortar containing the Edun ara the thunderstones and the Ose the double axand it is always accompanied by Seere, a long gourd that when shaken wakes up and calls the god and announces his arrival.

owonrin osa

Sango is born in the Odu Ifa Osa Meji and other Odu Ifa also like Okanran Meji, but in Osa Meji is where Sango had many victories over the enemies; his colors are white and red, he adores to eat Orogbo bitter cola and does not eat Obi cola nuts sacred to us. He is married to Oya, Osun, Oba, and many others. Oya is his more loyal wife always following him in every battle.

Oya is Irunmole of Winds.

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The presence of Sango in human life is essential: in his absence humanity would never know justice and morality and the possibility and the choice to put them into practice. Without Sango, no great right and charismatic leader would find energy and strength to make constructive changes and win wars.

Please note that this one I am talking about is the Irunmole Sango, not to be confused with orisa Sango the deified Ancestor, who was great king of Oyo, who reached so much power during his life to become deified. Kabiyesi Sango! After this short introduction into the great Irunmole Sango in our religion, I would like to introduce you our Sango in the Temple. Well, Owonrin Baturupon Temple is an Ifa Temple, this mean our first and more important Irunmole is Orunmila, the god which is witness to the human destiny, and so we are devotee to Ifa, that is a Philosophy of life, the Knowledge of the Mysteries of the Existence and the Oracle System used to predict the human fate.

But it is impossible to talk about our Temple without mentioning our Sango, and that is why I use this article to give a little deserved fame to it, lol.

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One day they gave it to our Grandfather and he took it to his Ifa Temple where the Sango have been worshipped for years. Eight years have passed and this Sango performed lot of mysterious affairs and unbelievable acts in our temple, like when Baba Ifadare was giving to our brother Ayodeji a Sango chieftancy title as Ifa divination prescribed: the Sango literally canceled, from several devices present at the place, the recordings of the event and then decided to be recorded at the end of the delivery of our brother Ayodeji title as Babamogba.

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owonrin osa

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Osi-Opon Odus

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