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Unlimited ninja wiki pet

Card evolutionsor retrained monstersis the term used to describe a monster that has been reprinted with a new effect and slightly different name, but with the same base ATK and DEFand usually Level and appearance as well. Special cases are " Harpie Lady 1 ", " Harpie Lady 2 ", and " Harpie Lady 3 ", which all have the same stats as the original " Harpie Lady ", but are not all representing the same creature.

Rather, they are the three sisters from " Harpie Lady Sisters ". The term "retrained" comes from "Retrained Elf Swordsman," a deliberate mistranslation of the Japanese name for " Obnoxious Celtic Guard ", who is a retrained version of "Elf Swordsman" " Celtic Guardian ".

Retrained monsters are not to be confused with upgraded ones, such as " Cannon Soldier MK-2 ". These, like retrained monsters, are clearly based on existing cards. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Flip Toon Spirit Union Gemini. Archetype Series Card evolutions Support Anti-support? Categories : Articles needing cleanup Gaming Terms. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements.

Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. This article may require cleanup to meet this wiki's standards. You can help out by re-organizing or re-writing parts of it or checking grammar and spelling. This summary is currently incomplete.Animation in collaboration with DC Comics as a continuation of the Batman legacy.

Though the initial announcement of the series drew mixed reactions, Batman Beyond went on to receive critical acclaim and a cult following.

Pet Bonus Stats

The show is said to explore the darker side of many Batman projects, playing on key elements such as emotions, personal relations, fear of the unknown, as well as cyberpunk and sci-fi themes such as the issues and dilemmas of innovation and technological and scientific progress affecting society, and the psychology of the character of Bruce Wayne. As such, it was considerably darker than most other children's programs at the time, although producer Bruce Timm recalls it was conceived as a kid-friendly Batman cartoon.

An aging Bruce Waynedespite suffering from health complications continues to fight crime as Batman in a new high-tech Batsuit. In the rescue of a kidnapped heiress, Batman suffers a mild heart attack and, at risk of being nearly killed by one of the kidnappers, is forced to betray a lifelong principle by threatening to use a gun, which scared one of the kidnappers into running towards the police.

Ashamed of how far he was willing to go, Bruce ultimately but reluctantly decides to retire from crime-fighting and shuts down the Batcave. By this time, his butler and father-figure Alfred Pennyworth and longtime allies Commissioner James W. The story moves ahead 20 years later to in Neo-Gothama futuristic version of the old Gotham City and a megalopolis featuring staggering high rises and flying vehicles.

Bruce is now an elderly man in his 70s and a recluse living in bitter isolation in Wayne Manorwith no other companion but his guard dog Ace. Despite having retired primarily due to failing health and old age, it is strongly hinted he retained the costumes of his former partners that he had suffered a traumatic event years before his health began failing which also contributed to his ultimate decision the exact reasons were eventually revealed in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

Terry McGinnis is an athletic year-old high school student and reformed troublemaker with a deeply ingrained sense of social justice. Living on difficult terms with his father Warren McGinnis, Terry disobeys his curfew one night to meet up with his girlfriend Dana Tan, only to incur the wrath of a group of the gang called the Jokerz harassing them.

A high-speed motorcycle chase between Terry and the Jokerz leads them to the grounds of Wayne Manor, where they run into the elderly Bruce Wayne. Bruce and Terry fend off the Jokerz side-by-side, but the exertion aggravates Bruce's heart condition. Terry helps Bruce back to the manor and, while exploring the mansion after realizing that he is unable to leave the mansion as Ace is guarding it, stumbles upon the entrance to the Batcave and thus discovers Bruce's secrets, only to be chased out by an angered Bruce.

Terry returns home to discover that his father has been murdered, apparently by the vengeful Jokerz.

Pet - Matatabi

Terry goes to Bruce for help but he refuses, feeling that he is too old and too weak to be of any use and instead tells Terry to take the evidence to Barbara Gordon who has become the new Police Commissioner.

After the evidence of the illegal weapon production is forcibly taken from Terry by Derek Powers, Terry subsequently steals the Batsuit, intending to bring Powers to justice. Bruce initially opposes all of Terry's efforts and vehemently demands that he return the suit, but Terry asks Bruce to let him take on the Batman mantle, partially by drawing on the fact Bruce lost both of his parents to a criminal he never caught, and that he Terry has the chance to catch his father's murderer.

During the battle, Powers is exposed to the chemical and forced to flee into hiding to receive treatment, which subsequently mutates him into a radiation-emitting entity, though he uses artificial skin to hide the accident.

Realizing that crime and corruption are running rampant in Gotham without Batman's presence, Bruce offers Terry the chance to assume the role of Batman, with Bruce himself mentoring Terry, in addition to working as Bruce's chauffeur and assistant so that Terry can support his family. The new Batman soon develops his own rogues gallery, with both new villains Derek Powers a.

Freeze rejuvenated; Bane 's strength-enhancing drug Venom reborn as slap-on patches; the longevous Ra's al Ghul ; and the Joker himself, somewhat inevitably. After discovering Batman's secret identity, Maxine helps Terry with everything from computer hacking to babysitting. Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon also works with Terry.

Though initially unhappy about another person following in Bruce's dangerous footsteps, she admits that the city needs Batman, and that Terry could not be deterred from being Batman any more than she could have been from being Batgirl.

He also has a relationship with Melanie Walker, who was forced to do the bidding of her family's new Royal Flush Gang under the code name Ten.

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Terry and Melanie's relationship is similar to that of Bruce and Selina Kyle. Terry also eventually meets Bruce's old ally Superman and the Justice Leagueeven being offered membership though he eventually declines. He does later on join the team sometime in his adulthood though on a part-time basis like his mentor before him.

The third season of Batman Beyond featured the two-part episode "The Call" with for the first time a futuristic Justice Leaguea springboard for the Justice League animated series. The setting and characters of Batman Beyond were also briefly revived in Static Shock during the episode " Future Shock " in which Static is accidentally transported 40 years into the future.

Justice League Unlimited revisited the Batman Beyond world twice in The second time was meant to be the de facto series finale for Batman Beyond : the episode " Epilogue " reveals that Bruce Wayne is actually Terry McGinnis' biological father.

The story, set 15 years after Batman Beyondcenters on Terry now a year-old tracking down an elderly Amanda Waller. She explains through flashbacks that, even though she grew to trust and respect Batman, she was aware of him aging, thus accepting the idea of either Bruce retiring or being killed at some point.

Finding the idea of a world without Batman unacceptable, Waller used her Project Cadmus connections to gather the technology for "Project Batman Beyond", whose goal was to physically create a new Batman, starting with a secretly collected sample of Bruce Wayne's DNA.

Some years after Bruce retired, Waller found a young Neo-Gotham couple—the McGinnises—with psychological profiles nearly identical to those of Bruce's parents, a nanotech solution was injected into Warren McGinnis to rewrite his reproductive material with that of Bruce.It focuses on Wonder Woman facing enemies of the past who come together and form Villainy Inc. InPrincess Diana of Themyscira rescues US pilot Captain Steven "Steve" Trevor from a Parademon attack [N 1] and takes him to a mending chamber where he is fully recovered with a purple healing ray.

However, Diana's mother Hippolyta takes Steve prisoner because his presence breaks the cardinal "no men" law of the Amazonsdespite Steve's insistence to warn the world about the incursion. He is later broken out by Diana, who sees an omen about an otherworldly invasion fulfilled by his arrival.

When Hippolyta demands Steve's re-incarceration, Diana defies her before leaving to protect man's world, causing the heart-broken Hippolyta to disown her. In Washington, D. Julia Kapatelis. Diana also meets Julia's daughter Vanessa, who becomes jealous of Diana as her mother pays more attention to Diana than her. As time goes by, Diana continues to protect man's world as a superhero under the code name " Wonder Woman ". Five years later, Diana meets with Steve, Julia and Etta at the newly rebuilt Hall of Justice [N 2] where Julia requests Diana's help in finding Vanessa, who is intending to trade an artifact she stole from Julia's superior Veronica Cale to the villainess Doctor Poison.

Diana, Steve, and Julia intervene in the trade, but are confronted by Doctor Poison's soldiers and her enforcer Giganta. Giganta injects herself with a mysterious enhancement serum, but is ultimately defeated. Julia is fatally shot during the crossfire between Steve and the foot soldiers, and Poison escapes with the artifact.

Vanessa blames Diana for her mother's death and flees. She is subsequently recruited by Poison and Doctor Cyber to undergo an experiment which turns her into Silver Swan.

Silver Swan is quickly defeated, but Poison flees with a prototype bioweapon. Diana believes using the purple healing ray can save Silver Swan from the techno-organic virus that gives her powers but is also converting her into a robot, but she does not remember the location of Themyscira due to a mystic safety measure.

Cale shows them Julia's office, who was also searching for Themyscira as a pet project. Diana, Steve and Etta travel to the temple, where they are confronted by Cheetahwho is working for an organization known as Villainy Inc.

While Steve and Etta enter the temple, Cheetah takes a formula, similar to what Giganta took, that gives her enhanced physical attributes but also turns her bestial.

Steve and Etta enter a maze, where they encounter and defeat a Minotaur. Diana uses her Lasso of Truth to subdue Cheetah and makes her way to her friends at the center of the maze, where she drinks the prophetic water. After receiving a glare of visions, she finds the Minotaur stirring again. Realizing the creature is enchanted to defend the fountain, Diana destroys it. Doing so sets the Minotaur free, whereafter Steve names him " Ferdinand ". The trio makes its way back to Cale Pharmaceuticals to ruminate on Diana's visions.

Cale informs them that Villainy Inc. Using Diana's visions, Cale pinpoints the location of Wonder Woman's home, but this information is intercepted by Cyber, who reveals that their true intention is to steal the Amazons' technology for profit. Cyber causes Silver Swan to reawaken and attack Wonder Woman while the others make a hasty retreat to escape the building's incineration protocol, which was initiated by Cyber.He was recruited by Wu.

With Wu's help, Cole learned Spinjitzu and discovered his other teammateswith whom he embarked on many adventures; battling the likes of the Serpentine and the Stone Army.

After the final battlepeace resumed until the Overlord returned and created the Nindroid army. The Overlord made the Nindroid army by using Zane's blueprints.

During this time, a love triangle formed between NyaJayand Cole. The conflict ended when Zane sacrificed himself to vanquish the Overlord.

unlimited ninja wiki pet

Saddened by Zane's death, the Ninja parted ways but reunited after learning of Zane's survival and set out to rescue Zane on a mysterious island. He soon came to terms with his condition and used his new abilities.

unlimited ninja wiki pet

After Cole and the others were freed, Jay used his last wish to undo recent events. Cole fought Yang, but eventually made amends with him, and Cole became a human once more via the Rift of Return. Cole joined his allies in battling the Time Twins and their Vermillion armyas well as seeking the powerful Time Blades. However, he survives and comes to the monastery to defeat the Oni and witness Jay ask Nya to be his Yang. Months later, Cole and his friends fight against Aspheera and her Pyro Vipers after accidentally releasing them from their tomb.

unlimited ninja wiki pet

After Zane is banished by Aspheera's sorcery, he and the remaining Ninja send themselves to the Never-Realm in order to rescue him. Cole befriended Krag the Yeti in the mountains, who led him to the Traveler's Tree, allowing them to use its berries to a potent enough dose of tea to go back home. With Zane having managed to return to his senses in a fight with Lloyd and freeing the Never-Realm from its eternal winter, the team reunites and use Traveler's Tea to head back to their home realm.

He and Kai sacrifice their last lives to save Jay, Nya, and Lloyd. Eventually, Jay moves on to convince Unagami to free everyone trapped in the game, and Cole, as well as the other Ninja, gamers, and NPCs are freed.

He gets captured but is later saved by the other Ninja. There, they meet the Lowly. Together they escape from Rock-Bottom, and Cole faces the Skull Sorcerer, unlocking the power of the Spinjitzu Burstdefeating the Skull Sorcerer, and fulfilling a promise he made to his mother, Lilly. At some point as a child, Cole's mother becomes sick. Cole and his father visit her, Cole then goes up to Lilly and hugs her. She then said that Lou told her that Cole got in trouble at school, which Cole agreed to.

Cole tells her about a big bully picking on younger children got into a fight with him, he continued on by promising to Lilly that he won't fight again.Pets are cute companions always ready to assist in battles.

They may seem harmless, unlike our Summoned Beasts, but these cuties are packed with stat boosts which affects every ninja in the team. Unlike our summoned beasts, they provide boost at all times, this is why when equipped the pet adds to your battle points. To see pets' stats and other descriptions, go to the Spiritual Beast icon. Pets are also seen floating beside the Captain's avatar in the village interface. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Unlimited Ninja/Ninja World/Anime Ninja/Ninja Classic - Recruiting Indra + First Event Pet [VIP0]

How to Obtain Event Pets? There are different ways to obtain event pets: Event Rewards - Players can obtain event pets by participating in events such as Gem Rush and reaching a set amount of points. Item procurement and exchange event window - Players can also get event items to exchange for pets from participating to minigames of the on-going event. Random Reward - Event pets can also be obtained randomly from event giveaways.

Daily Login - Players can retrieve a free event pet upon logging onto the game for 7 days. Event Pets are also permanent like the regular pets. List of Event Pets Please note this table is sorted alphabetically and is not in release or stat order. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Amaterasu White Wolf. Crystal Blue Dragon. Mythical Animals Kirin. Sky Wing Azure Dragon. SkyFlame Rosefinch. Triple-headed Snake.Pets are the cute companions all players can bring in their battle. They provide support to their masters by providing stat boosts.

Pets can be seen floating beside the Main Character in the village interface. To access pets, players can click the Spiritual Beast icon on the bottom menu. In here players can perform necessary actions in order to make their pets more formidable. Both types of pets are permanent. The difference between the two is that Event Pets does not appear in the Route or the Beast Tree and they do not evolve when they reach Level Pets can evolve.

Yes, they can transform from the simple round, white egg form into cute creatures packed with stat boosts.

Pet - Otsutsuki Puppet

Each pet has their evolution rateor the chance a pet can evolve into another one. To evolve, pets need to be Lv.

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Evolving not just changing of appearance but the chance for the pet to change rateing too. The better the rank, the better the stats they provide. To see all pets and how they would evolve, please check Route. Rating of pet are the same as rating for equipment and other items.

Pets are classified according to their rating, and the better the rating, the better the stats. Below are the ratings of pets according to their quality white being the lowest, and red the highest:.

Denuvo lag

Raising eggs is the traditional way of getting a pet. Players must buy an egg from the mall using gold or coupons, or buy egg from the pet shop using evolution points. They must raise pet up to level 20 in order for the egg to evolve into different pets.

Players can also summon pets using evolution points. Evolution points are obtained from evolving eggs or other pets and by using Evolution Scrolls from Mall. Once they have enough evolution points, they can go to the pet shop in the Evolve tab in the Spiritual Beast window.Write off the Spaniard at your peril. Are you or someone you know raising money for sport in 2017.

They are speaking about us Winner of best sports website at the 2014 Eircom Spider awards. Alabama-Mississippi State in Starkville represents a rare top 25 matchup in this series, and that may not bode well for coach Dan Mullen (more on that later).

Alabama (9-0) boasts a 30-game regular-season winning streak. But after watching its best defensive players drop like flies last week in a less-than-inspiring win against LSU, the Tide look vulnerable. So Bama can crowd the line of scrimmage, force third-and-long, get the ball back to its offense early and often and win by strangulation. How Mississippi State can win: Win at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Score in the low 20s, avoid giving up big, explosive plays downfield and perhaps the crowd in Starkville can witness a historic win.

The Tide failed to cover the spread vs. Florida State became a terrible team. Bama has yet to face Georgia, Auburn or Mississippi State. The week after a huge game against LSU, normally this would be a let-down spot for Alabama. But this 2017 Alabama team tends to play its best after mediocre outings. After a 41-23 win against Colorado State, the Tide annihilated Vanderbilt, 59-0, and Ole Miss, 66-3. Mississippi State is next in this ledger after a mediocre game in Week 10.

And a road game against a ranked SEC team will have the full attention of these players and the coaching staff. Not to worry, as the Tide will roll out a swarm of 5-star backups.

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Saban squashes run-first, defense-first opponents like bugs. Running quarterbacks sometimes have success against Bama.

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But Saban holds a distinct coaching advantage here. Hurts has protected the football very well this season. Backup Tua Tagovailoa is a much better downfield passer. That makes sense, considering the Bulldogs average 46. But the one-dimensional offense that relies on efficiency, long drives and wearing down opponents managed a combined 13 points against Auburn and Georgia. Alabama fields a similar defense.

That could be trouble Saturday. Mississippi State just played UMass, and actually trailed at halftime.


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